The Yorkshire Drinks Company

The Yorkshire Drinks Company is proud to associate itself with the Vulcan to the Sky Trust and The Victoria Cross Trust. As the producer and distributor of the Vulcan Bomber Ales and Victoria Cross Trust Beer the Yorkshire Drinks Company based in South Kirkby, near Pontefract fills orders through our website to end users.

These products cannot be left safe by couriers as they could then be found by a minor and consumed which is obviously against the law - hence they MUST be signed for by an adult.

All parcel must be delivered to the delivery address you submit during checkout, we cannot leave the parcel with a neghbour.

*Always drink responsibly - this site ONLY sells to individuals over the age of 18 in the UK and Ireland. We currently do not ship outside the UK and Ireland. At the point of checkout on our website you WILL be asked to confirm you are over 18, this is a legal requirement.

vulcan bomber gifts


Our association with the Vulcan to the Sky Trust came about through their desire to more widely distribute the Bomber Ales brand, meaning reliable supply and improved pricing for customers while maintaining the link to the charity. The aim being to generate a substantial regular donation to the charity, helping support the effort to continue to keep Vulcan XH588 flying during 2015.



The Yorkshire Drinks Company is extremely proud to be chosen and associated with these very worth while causes and every bottle consumed means a contribution to the trusts.

For more information please visit the Vulcan to the Sky Tust - The Trust Website

For information regarding the Victoria Cross Trust - Victoria Cross Trust Website